We Work With People…
… and Each Person is Unique.

Businesses that tend to their employees‘  interests and potential attract the best talent on the market. These employees will enjoy their healthy workplace, they will be loyal and intrinsically motivated to contribute to the long term success of the company.

By assessing individuals we help a company see the potential of their employees. We benchmark them with similar industries and levels of responsibility and discuss the results confidentially. After each such validation talk, the person has a better understanding of their strengths and of a couple points to improve on.

DNLA – One of Our Tools

Discovery of Natural Latent Abilities

This tool is about uncovering the naturally existing but unused skills and potential of employees. DNLA was developed 25 years ago at the Max Planck Institute and has since been further improved on the market.

The applied methodology is based on the combination of social science and business science findings.

With DNLA, we provide you with expert systems of the highest quality for all areas of modern HR:

  • staffing
  • sustainable HR development
  • team development
  • trainings, coaching

Return on Emotion

If your employee decides to stay with your company for a longer period of time due to your investment, the money spent has long since been recouped!

Return on Investment

If, on the basis of this assessment, your employee profitably reduces his workload by only seven hours, then you have amortized the costs for a whole year.