We accompany young CEOs and management teams on their steep learning curve. By assessing individuals and the team as a whole, we help companies see and also tap the full potential of their employees.

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We guide companies through the transition from startup to scaleup and eventually to international operations. This work makes the CEOs stronger leaders, more successful business people and healthier individuals.

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In collaboration with our clients we develop agile work methods based on Scrum. Those solutions save time, cut costs and help retain knowhow in a company. We offer both webinars and in-house trainings.

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“Regula Buob has performed several leadership assessments of myself as an entrepreneur over a period of years. This periodicity has brought insightful debriefings not only in my areas of strength and improvements, but also on my yearly development. A fascinating picture on how I have evolved in my leadership, team and soft skills vs. the experiences I went through. Something I intend to continue doing to measure if I am evolving in the ideal direction as the years and experiences go by. In general, Regula Buob is an unlimited source of positive energy, advice, remarkable connections and great motivation. Every coaching, training or interaction with her has brought our startup and myself one significant step further.”

Alejandro Ojeda, CEO UrbanAlps

„Das Engagement und die Power, mit der Frau Buob in und auch ausserhalb der W.A. de Vigier Stiftung als Startup- und Leadership Coach agiert, beeindrucken mich sehr. Unter Ihrer Leitung hat sich der W.A. de Vigier Jungunternehmerpreis zu einem der bedeutendsten Jungunternehmerpreise in der Schweiz entwickelt, von welchem jedes Jahr zahlreiche Jungunternehmen profitieren können.“

Michael Sauter, CEO Bernapark

“Personal development of top management is a big lever for guiding the whole company to success.”

Kevin Mamalis, Swiss Motion Technologies

„The startup world is in constant flux and extremely dynamic. Time and time again you reach forks in your path. Sometimes it is not clear which direction leads to the destination. In such situations, an outsider’s view is invaluable. Regula Buob possesses a great mix of tact, instinct and the ability to call things as they are. She helped us develop solutions that preserve existing resources and channel them anew in a way that is beneficial to the greater whole and to each of the individuals involved.“

Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO and Co-Founder Beekeeper

„Within one year, Beekeeper grew from 30 to over 100 employees. Given this dramatic change, the structure of the original management team needed to be reconsidered. Who could make the biggest impact and where? In this question Regula Buob accompanied our management team as we tackled it. Under the expectations of pace and growth that a financing round brings we were able to leave old structures behind in a respectful manner and define new roles and responsibilities, keeping the company’s and everyone’s best interests in mind.“

Cristian Grossman, CEO and Co-Founder Beekeeper